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Hello hello hello! Welcome and welcome back to “Let them eat FASHION”. I do hope we are all trying to keep cool in this hot weather (tip: ice cold coconut water, it completely hydrates and refreshes you and it’s great for your skin as well). Do remember to wear breathable fabrics and light colors that is a great help in the heat.

So let’s chat. I was at my mommy’s house over the weekend and we did some catching up, talked fashion of course, and I showed her two gowns that I am dying to get my hands on. It took me about 20 minutes but I finally found them. I showed it to her *commence the ooo’s and ahh’s* and then I said, “I’d be walking down the street and they’d say where is that girl going in that gown?” And my mama said, “WHO CARE’S!” And that struck a mental chord for today’s topic. If you look great in it and you like the way it looks then who cares what people say. Now let’s not misconstrue this for a wear what you dare contest. No no no no no! But do wear what looks good on you no matter what anyone says to discourage you.

I grew up as a very boxed in, almost conservative dresser…can you imagine that? No…I can’t either. I never took leaps, jumps, and/or pushed the “fashionable” boundaries with my clothing as a teenager or as a younger adult. So now that I am in my late 20’s (shhhhhhh, ya’ll don’t need to know how old yet lol) I wear what I want as long as it looks good on me whether the masses like and/or approve of it or not. So if you’re wondering what gowns we were oooing and ahhing at I won’t keep you in suspense much longer.  These two dresses are from Mrs. Cassandra Savage’s Boutique called Curvaceous Boutique located at 549 Newtown Rd Ste 107 VA Beach, VA 23462; but never fear there is a website for you to purchase her items from. I had the pleasure of seeing these dresses on the runway at Full Figured Fashion week and I must say they are absolutely breathtaking.

Exhibit A: This gown is called the Bella Leopard Gown as you can see this gown is gorgeous, a conversation piece within itself, and without a doubt a head turner. I love the sweetheart bust line for those that like to show décolletage and a new fact you’ll learn about me, I ADORE LEOPARD PRINT!

Exhibit B: This gown is my favorite and therefore I saved the best in my opinion for last, this is called the Morgan Strapless Gown and from the moment I saw this dress I fell in love. From the beautiful rich color, to the jewel detailed empire waistline, and the floor sweeping length, what could you possibly not love about this dress? I have no idea what event I would wear this to but id purchased please believe I will be snapping pictures for you all to see. I seriously think I would wear it just because it’s Tuesday going to work, nowhere special in mind afterwards, and I’d let those people stare and wonder wear am I going.

With all that said, don’t be afraid to step outside of your box. When you step outside of that box something called STYLE erupts and spills from within you like hot lava. Let them stare; you’d be surprised at how many of them are staring in admiration versus “you look foolish”. No matter your size don’t be afraid to be that hot pink dress in a sea of black suits. I take a cue from my favorite movie Legally Blonde…don’t judge me lol where Ms. Elle Woods walked into the courtroom sporting a pink dress in a room full of dark suits and handled that courtroom like an experienced vet. I’m counting on all my fashionistas to make a statement everywhere you go and to never let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t and when they tell you that you shouldn’t look them in the eye and tell them THEY COULDN’T!


Until next time, *dings bell* Order up! Au revoir

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